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Build your own refinement screen

Fine screening from a hit crystallant condition requires the generation of a custom block. For that we are using Scorpion screen builder. The speed and versatility of the Scorpion make it ideal for setting up 24 or 96 way optimization grids. The wide range of dispense volumes also let you set up 24 well optimization protein crystallization plates. With the ability to accommodate deep well blocks, 15 ml tubes, 50 ml tubes, plus 24 and 96 well plates, the Scorpion can do anything you can do by hand, but moves at 2 meters/sec. The Scorpion robot is very well-suited for the preparation of your refinement screens in a few minutes. Pipette tips of 1 ml are available and can dispense volumes from 0.5 to 1000ul.

  • Easily build n-dimension optimization grids using either Scorpion control software or CRIMS refinement module
  • Re-array screens from 15mL tubes into 96-well plates (in ~25 minutes)
  • Output file compatible with CRIMS so drop composition can be displayed together with your experiments result


Practical Information:

  • Consumables are available at the SPC lab on demand. They will be charged to user / group.
  • Refinement screen can be designed using either Scorpion
  • In-house users can operate the Scorpion robot after a short training before first use. Please contact the SPC team.
  • External users should send their requested refinement screen at least 1 week in advance.

Chemical and Stock Solutions provided:

You can consult the list of chemicals available at the SPC facility (download). All other chemicals or stock solutions not listed should be provided by the users.