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What type of crystallization plate should you choose?

Our liquid handling robot and imaging system offer the possibility to work with a wide range of crystallization protocols and plate types (SBS format). By default, we suggest to use the Swissci plate which offer high quality imaging with VIS light as well as UV light; concave bottom suitable for samples which contains detergents.

Name Type of experiment
Distributor Well Shelf Well shape Bottom shape Profile LBR UV

Default volume reservoir (ul)

IQSitting dropTTPLabtech (4150-05810)963squareflathighyesyes50 (<80)
CrystalDirectSitting dropEMBL-Grenoble96(3)(square)flatlowyesyes40 (40)
CrystalQuickSitting dropGreiner (609871)961squareflatlowyesyes 60 (<140)
SwissciSitting dropTTPLabtech (4150-05823)963roundconcavehigh yesyes30 (30)
IntelliSitting dropARI (102-0001-03)963roundconcavehighyesno60 (<100)
Hanging dropHanging drop

Microplate (Greiner, 655101)

Seal (TTPlabtech 4150-05610)

961microplatemicroplatehigh yesyes100 (<200)
MicrobatchMicrobatchSwissci under oil. (TTPLabtech,4150-05821)961roundconcavehigh -- -
LCP 100LCPLaminex UV Plastic Base 100 Micron /cover. (MD11-51 + MD11-53)961n/an/ahigh yesyes -
LCP_glassLCPLaminex glass Base / Cover. (MD11-50 + MD11-52)961roundflathigh yesyes -