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The high-throughput crystallization platform at EMBL-Hamburg is a fee-for-service (non-profit) technology platform operated by EMBL-Hamburg. Our mandate is to support in-house research group, but also to provide access to expertise and technology for international research community.
Entering into an access agreement with the SPC facility invokes a responsibility to acknowledge all work that was performed with or by the SPC in any publication/presentation. The following phrase is ideal to paste into your acknowledgements section: " The Sample Preparation and Characterization (SPC) Facility of EMBL Hamburg is acknoledged for support in .....". Please provide feedback to the SPC when you publish papers that acknowledge us.

Reference of our Thermofluor set up and screens:

Reference for the facility: 1) Boivin S, Kozak S, Rasmussen G, Nemtanu IM, Vieira V, Meijers R.(2016) An integrated pipeline for sample preparation and characterization at the EMBL@PETRA3 synchrotron facilities. Methods. S1046-2023(15)30041-4. [Epub ahead of print]

The Crystallization Information Management System (CRIMS) was originally created in order to manage all the information associated to activity of our crystallization platform in Grenoble. CRIMS is now implemented at EMBL-Hamburg and is the result of an active collaboration between EMBL-Heidelberg, EMBL-Hamburg and EMBL-Grenoble.


Please contact the SPC for pricing.