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Welcome to the

Sample Preparation and Characterization Facility
High Throughput Crystallization platform



The SPC facility offers a variety of services related to protein crystallization on a fee basis:

  • Automatic setup of crystallization trays using Mosquito-LCP
  • Low volume crystallization screening for sitting drop (100nl + 100nl)
  • >30 commercial screens available
  • Large storage capacity at 19ºC
  • Automated image acquisition and remote access environment for the user
  • Sophisticated imaging using Vis/UV to distinguish between organic and inorganic crystals

Save time and simplify your workflow with Anatrace’s new premixed monoolein : cholesterol for LCP crystallization (LCP18-CH200). This mixture contains a 10:1 ratio of monoolein:cholesterol and can be used directly for LCP experiments. No more dissolving lipids in chloroform and worrying if all of the solvent is removed.


If you want to use our services please register: User Registration page
Free access to the facility for external users can be funded through:

If you are interested in using the facility please contact the facility at:

SPC Facility (Building 25a)
Notkestrasse 85
22607 Hamburg
Phone: +49(0)40 89902 147

Latest news

SPC-Hamburg is now open. You can submit requests for experiments at the SPC facility via sample mailing only. Be aware that you cannot access physically the facility at this stage Please contact us...